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Shakespeare Sonnets

Shakespeare Video Notes:

Our innermost thoughts

Our human experiences

Why his work lives on

Queen Elizabeth 1st

New pride in nation

Pride in English language

born 1564 spring

Holy Trinity Church

Stratford upon Avon

Father was glove maker, John

Mary, mother,  

Latin language and classics


Ovid Metamorphoses

Traveling players exposed him to theater

Festival in Kennelworth

Did not attend university…the lost years

Apprentice to father’s glover business

Wife, Anne Hathaway, pregnant b/f married

He was 18 when he married her. She was older

Worked in London in his 20’s

3 kids: Susanna, Hamnet and Judith

Began writing and left home for London even though he had a growing family


Great success

Noblemen, Earl of South Hampton liked him: he dedicated material to him

Sonnets: to a young man, perhaps Earl of South Hampton, some believe they were lovers. He was his patron. Earl was bi-sexual.

Technical skills of poet: sonnets

The man is revealed in his sonnets: deep affection, love affair, rival poet for affections of young man.

Dark lady: obsessive love

Writing career haulted often by plagues that caused up to a 1000 deaths a week

Fascination with death resonates in his literature

Darkest fears realized when his son died

Summer of 1596 (11 yrs. Old)

No heir now

Actors couldn’t renew lease on land

City officials saw theater as ungodly

Moved theater across river: The Globe

Part owner: 10% share made him a fortune

Julius Caesar first play in The Globe

A lot of character detail

Stage directions in language

Setting in language

Had to use language for audience to imagine it

Visual imagery

Audience had to use imagination

Young boys played women

Shakespeare referred to himself as a poet, not a playwright, not an actor

Based on histories or other plays

Observer of life: more profound and deep

King James 1: king’s men/actors of court

Tragedies: Othello, psychology, Hamlet, anger

Inner most thoughts and emotions revealed here, sufferings, longings

Concerned with daughters later in life

The Tempest

King Lear-daughter troubles

1613 Globe burned to the ground

fire marked end of career and he retired to Stratford

wealthy gentleman, landowner, business man

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