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Heroes Study Guide


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Use your notes to find the answers to the following questions.


1.     Perseus' mother and god-father, how the god entered the prison, and what he did (created) there to impress the girl


Danae, Zeus.  Zeus entered prison as shower of golden sparkles, created Elysian fields.


2.     Perseus’ grandfather who wants to get rid of baby Perseus and his mother (locks her in a tower, then sends her to sea in a box)




3.     King who sends Perseus on suicide mission (wants to marry Perseus' mom)




4.     Perseus’ special tools he gets from the gods (4), and how he uses them to defeat Medusa


Sickle, shield, helmet of invisibility, winged sandals of Hermes, magic pouch


5.     God/goddess pair who helped Perseus


Athena and Hermes                                               


6.     God who gets Medusa in trouble by assaulting her in a temple, and the goddess who is angered by this action


Poseidon, Athena


7.     Name for the group of 3 sisters with snakes for hair




8.     Special quality shared by Medusa's severed head and the Hydra's venom


Keeps its power after death



9.     Name for the group of "gray ones” who share one eye and one tooth


Not on test


10.  Beware the man with one sandal – who received this prophesy, and who was it talking about?


Pelias, Jason


11.  Name and builder of Jason’s ship


Argus (builder), Argo (ship)


12.  Name 5 of Jason’s Argonauts, and describe their abilities


Atalanta – runner, Hercules – strength, Theseus – smart, Euphemus – walk on water, Orpheus – magical music


13.  Twins who flew away on a golden ram, what was their destination, and which one didn't make it all the way there


Phrixus and Helle (Helle didn’t make it), going to Colchis


14.  Why Jason was seeking the fleece (who was he trying to save)


To save his mother


15.  King of Colchis, owner of the golden fleece




16.  Dark sorceress, wife of Jason, helps him on his adventures




17.  3 tasks (labors) Jason must do to obtain the fleece


Yoke fire breathing bulls, plant dragon teeth, fight soldiers



18.  Island of cursed women who killed their husbands




19.  Blind prophet on Table Top Island:  Phineus




20.  How Jason got through the crashing rocks (Stymplegades)


Sent a dove through first


21.  How did Jason anger Medea, what was her revenge, and how did Jason die?


Cheated on her.  She killed their children.  A piece of the Argo fell on his head.


22.  List the 12 Labors of Hercules.


Nemean Lion, Hydra, Golden Hind, Boar, Augean Stables, Stymphalian Birds,

Cretan Bull, Mares of Diomedes, Belt of Hippolyta, Cattle of Geryon, Golden Apples of Hesperides, Cerberus


23.  Goddess that helps Jason but opposes Hercules




24.  Who began the ancient Olympics, and what were such events generally used to celebrate?


Hercules. Victory


25.  Treaty that protected travelers to the games


Truce of Zeus


26.  Winged goddess of victory




27.  Hercules’ two wives


Megara.  Deianira


28.  Evil centaur who gave Mrs. Herc a poisoned shirt to make Hercules "forever faithful”




29.  How Hercules died, and which goddess took him to Olympus


Funeral Pyre.  Athena


30.  Amazon wife of Theseus


Antiope (not on test)


31.  5 criminals (& 1 critter) that Theseus dealt with, and their fates


Procrustes – bed

Sinis – pine bender

Periphetes – club

Cercyon – wrestler

Sciron - cliffs

Crommyon sow (giant pig) – sacred to Artemis



32.  Reason why Theseus fought the Minotaur   


End sacrifice of the tributes


33.  How did Ariadne help Theseus to kill the Minotaur, find his way out, and escape the Cretan navy?


Gave him string to find his way out, hid a sword, put holes in the ships


34.  What happened to Ariadne at Naxos, and why?


Abandoned by Theseus, married Dionysos


35.  How did the Aegean Sea get its name?


King Aegeus jumped off a cliff into the sea


36.  Goddess Theseus wants to kidnap from Tartarus, how he gets trapped there, and how he is rescued




37.  Who was King Aegeus, and what did black sails and white sails have to do with his death?


Father of Theseus. Black sails meant death of Theseus. White sails that Thes. was alive


38.  Who killed Theseus, and how?


King Lycomedes pushed him off a cliff



39.  List the traits or qualities of a Greek hero


Divine ancestry, great skills, many adventures, help from the gods, suffering, character flaw, tragic ending


40.  What part of the Underworld was the "resting place of heroes”?


Elysian fields




Identify the qualities that make someone a Greek hero. Compare and contrast any 2 of the 4 heroes we discussed, and compare to a contemporary action hero. Explain how they fit the description of the ideal Greek hero. In your opinion, which was the greatest hero and why?


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