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Fordline Elementary School

Principal: Jason Martin
Admin. Assistant: Dana Reiss

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Fordline Duck

Meet Freda!  

Fordline has a visitor this year!  Freda has decided to make a home for her soon to be family at Fordline.  

Freda is a female Mallard duck.  She protects her babies well!!

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Bruce and his helpers for helping to keep Freda and her family safe!

Freda's eggs have hatched and they have made their way to water :)
We are hoping she will be back next year!

We were tickled this year to be able to witness to such a wonderful part of life!  Most of the classes were able to get a peak at the ducklings from inside of our building before they went on their way!

As always, when witnessing wildlife in nature, please be sure to be kind, quiet, and leave the animals be.  They are wild animals and know how to take care of themselves.  It's never a good idea to feed or touch wild animals.  It's always fun to watch from distance!!

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