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Greek Pantheon

Primordial Gods:

Greek Name Roman Name Attribute
Ouranos (Uranus) Caelus Heaven/sky
Gaia (f) Terra earth


Cronus Saturn time, king
Rhea Ops fertility, queen
Atlas n/a strength
Eos (f) Aurora dawn
Epimetheus n/a afterthought
Prometheus n/a forethought
Mnemosyne (f) Moneta memory
Leto (f) Latona motherhood
Oceanus n/a the ocean
Tethys (f) n/a fresh water
Pallas n/a warfare
Phoebe (f) Selene Moon
Helios Sol Sun
Themis (f) n/a justice
Metis (f) n/a wisdom


Zeus Jupiter, Jove lightning, king
Poseidon Neptune oceans, earthquakes, horses
Demeter (f) Ceres grain, harvest, agriculture
Hera (f) Juno marriage, fertility, queen
Apollo Apollo sun, prophecy, poetry, music, medicine
Artemis (f) Diana hunting, animals, archery, moon
Athena (f) Minerva wisdom, battle strategy, weaving
Ares Mars war
Dionysos Libber-Bacchus wine, drama
Hephaestus Vulcan fire, forge, invention
Aphrodite (f) Venus beauty, love, cosmetics (Pisces)
Hermes Mercury messenger of the gods, death

Hestia (f) Vesta hearth, home
Hades Pluto lord of the underworld, wealth
Persephone (f) Proserpina, Kore innocence, queen of the underworld (Virgo)
Eros Cupid love
Hebe (f) no Roman equivalent princess, child of Zeus and Hera, youth, cupbearer
no Greek equivalent Ganymede water boy (Aquarius)
Pan Faunus, Silvanus nature, wilderness, shepherds, forest

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