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Chemistry B Helpful Links

Chapter 3: Scientific Calculations

Answer Key for Pre-Quiz for % Error and Sig Figs        Page 1      Page 2

How-to for Calculating % Error (with an example problem)

Video Tutorial for Calculating Percent Error

GREAT TUTORIAL Explaining Precision and Accuracy, and also Sig Fig Rules and Examples

Practice with Scientific Notation and Sig Figs (answers are linked at bottom of page)

Sig Fig Tutorials
Significant Figures Tutorial for Sig Fig Rules
Significant Figures Tutorial for Adding/Subtracting with Sig Figs
Significant Figures Tutorial for Multiplying/Dividing with Sig Figs

Sig Fig Interactive Practice #1
Sig Fig Interactive Practice with operations (+, -, x, / )
Sig Fig Practice Quiz

Answers for Practice Quiz for DA (completed 10/6 in-class)  Side 1   Side 2
Dimensional Analysis Tutorial

Dimensional Analysis Tutorial #2

Chapter 14: Gas Laws

Gas Properties Simulation

Air Bag Link Why Files

Practice Quiz for Charles, Boyles and Gay-Lussacs' Laws
Tutorial for Solving Gas Law Problems

Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures

Chapter 12 Stoichiometry

Chapter 12 Overview
Stoichiometry Tutorial and Practice
Sample Problems with Answers Given

Limiting Reagents Tutorial
Percent Yield Tutorial

Stoichiometry Practice Test

Chemical Quantities (Ch 10)

Chapter 10 Text (pdf the chapter)

Moles <-> Particles Practice Quiz
Molar Mass Practice Quiz

Mole Conversions Tutorial

Mass -> Mole Practice Quiz
Mole -> Mass Practice Quiz

Mole, Mass, Volume Conversion Practice

Percent Composition Examples
Percent Composition Practice Quiz

Tutorial for Using Percent Composition to find Empirical Formulas

Empirical Formula Examples
Empirical/Molecular Formula Practice Quiz

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