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Jason Notes


King Athamas leaves his wife, Nephele (cloud goddess)
New wife, Ino, dislikes the children and wants to get rid of them
Nephele saves her children by giving them a flying golden ram (Aries)
The children, Phrixus and Helle, fly (on the ram) to Colchis, but Helle falls off and drowns
Phrixus arrives in Colchis, and gives King Aetes the ram
Aetes see Phrixus as a threat and kills him.
Aetes keeps the golden fleece of the ram, which he believes gives him immortality

Jason's early life

Son of Aeson and Polymele
Evil uncle Pelias tries to kill the family. 
Jason given to Chiron for protection, trained to be a hero.
Later in life, Jason loses 1 sandal helping old woman (Hera) cross a stream.
Jason meets Hera, who tells him he should be king
Jason journeys to his home town of Iolcos to claim his crown

In Iolcos, Pelias has angered Hera.
Pelias has also heard a prophecy: Beware the man with one sandal
Pelias recognizes Jason (1 sandal) and fears him.
Asks Jason, how would you get rid of a hero?
Hera causes Jason to volunteer to retrieve the fleece.
Pelias holds Jason's mother hostage as insurance.

Jason gathers a group of great heroes (Argonauts) to help him

The group includes many famous characters from Greek myths, including Theseus and Hercules, but most of the characters don’t participate in the story much – this is Jason’s adventure.


The Argonauts who help out are:

         Argus (builds and steers the ship)

         Orpheus (charms animals with music)

         Euphemus (can walk on water)

         Boreas and Calais (sons of the North Wind, can fly)

They travel to Colchis on their ship, the Argo
In Colchis, Jason is given 3 labors to earn the fleece:
-yoke a fire-breathing cow
-plow a field and plant it with dragon's teeth
-kill an army of soldiers

Medea, daughter of Aetes, loves Jason, and helps him to complete his tasks.
When Jason is unexpectedly successful, a final task is given: kill a dragon
With help from Orpheus (musician) and Medea, Jason succeed
Aetes is killed, and Jason and company escape with the fleece

After many dangerous adventures, Jason and his crew arrive home in Iolcos.
Pelias will not give up the crown, so Jason and Medea kill him.
The couple is forced to flee Iolcos. They go to Corinth

In Corinth, Jason leaves Medea to marry the king's daughter.
Medea gets her revenge by killing Jason's children.
Medea leaves for Athens and marries king Aegeus.
Jason finally dies when a piece of the Argo falls on him (Medea's doing?)

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