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Theseus Links

 Theseus Research

1. Who were Theseus’s parents?

2. Where was Theseus born?


3. Why is the sea surrounding Greece called the Aegean Sea?  


 4. Who was Antiope, and what group of people/tribe did she come from?


5. What was the Minotaur? 

6. Why did Theseus travel to Crete to destroy the Minotaur? 

7. WHO was the sister of the Minotaur/Daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus kill the Minotaur?

8. HOW, specifically, did she help Theseus kill the Minotaur?

10. What happened to Ariadne on Naxos?

15. When Theseus returned from his adventures, what did a Black Sail mean?  What did a White Sail mean?

16. What did Theseus forget to do when he returned?

17. Who died because of Theseus’ mistake with the sails, and how did he die?


9. How did Ariadne help Theseus escape Crete?


 11. Theseus made the journey to Athens safer by dealing with criminals. Explain each criminal’s crime, and his punishment (how he died)







 12. Why did Theseus end up in Tartarus (who was he there to rescue)?

13. How did Theseus get trapped (involves a chair)?

14. Who rescued Theseus? 


18. Who was the son of Theseus and Antiope?

19. How did Antiope die?




20. Compare and contrast Theseus and Hercules. Which one is the more genuine Greek hero?


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