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New District Tardy Policy for Grades K-5

Dear Fordline Families,

Regular attendance is a critical factor for academic success. Consistent school attendance, academic success and school completion have a positive correlation. Since school is a partnership, parents/guardians are expected to make sure their children attend school on a regular basis. Therefore, on July 10, 2012, the Southgate Community School District’s Board of Education adopted a new Tardy Policy for Elementary Students K-5. It is important that you make yourselves aware of this new policy and what is expected in regards to children being tardy to school.


Tardy Policy for Elementary Students K-5

If a student arrives to school 10 minutes late, for any reason, the student will acquire a tardy. Likewise, when a students leaves school 10 minutes before the end of the school day, for any reason, the student will acquire a reverse tardy. When 10 tardies or reverse tardies are accumulated, the student will receive a lunch detention. A detention will occur for every tardy or reverse tardy thereafter.

This procedure/policy is established for students in grades K-5, reflective of maturity, adherence to truancy guidelines and state law, curriculum and attendance requirements from the State of Michigan.

Michigan Law (MCL 380.1147, 380.1278a, 380.1278b, 380.1284, 380.1284b, 380.1561-380.1599, MCL 388.1701)

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation with this new District/Board Policy.

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