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Welcome to Mrs. Farmer's Website!

Welcome to Mrs. Farmer's Website!  

This year, students will have a google apps account.  This means students can access their account from any computer that has internet access.  I do not expect students to finish work at home, but many students would like extra time to work on assignments outside of class time.  

To access classwork, students will need to go to  Click on Google Apps.  To log in, students have a unique username and password.  All usernames begin with their last name and four numbers  All passwords consist of three letters and three numbers.  Most students already have this memorized or will have it memorized soon.  They may need help with the  

They may also access Clever's Website.  From Clever, there are many links that will quickly take students to different apps and websites.  Here is the link for Clever:

Feel free to e-mail me at if you have questions or concerns.  

Site updated on June 23, 2018