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Roostertail Prom Dress Code


—Posted by: Kristina Repp, Updated on:January 25, 2016

The Roostertail Prom Dress Code

1. A young lady's hemline should be no shorter than 6'' above the knees.

2. Dresses may be backless, as long as they are not cut below the waist line.

3. No midriff-bearing cutouts.

4. Slits cannot go further than 6'' above the knee.

5. No plunging neck lines, modest cleavage is OK.

6. Ladies, if you plan to remove your shoes, bring flats.

7. Gentlemen are not to remove, unbutton, or untuck their shirt.

8. Gentlemen must keep their shoes on.


A parent or guardian is only allowed to come to the Roostertail in case of emergency. Parents and guar

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January 25, 2016

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