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Anderson High School Announcements


—Posted by: Kristina Repp, Updated on:May 18, 2017

Announcements 5-18-17

"Kiss a Senior Goodbye" messages are now available to order for $2 each. Pick up a form from Mrs. Pate in room 5 and return it by May 18th
Any student interested in testing out of one or more classes, must come down to the counseling office to pick up the testing out forms. All forms and required signatures and deposits are due back to the counseling office by Friday May 26th 2017.
Attention any boy interested in playing TENNIS in the Fall. There will be a short informational meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd after school in Mrs. Kujat's, Room 1.

Originally Submitted
December 08, 2016

Current Job Postings


—Posted by: Kristina Repp, Updated on:May 18, 2017

Assurance of Work


—Posted by: Kristina Repp, Updated on:May 16, 2017

If you received a lay off letter and were not recalled, you do not have assurance of work for Fall 2017.

If you did not receive a lay off letter, this is to serve as formal notice of reasonable assurance for continued employment, in the same capacity, when school resumes in Fall 2017.

Should unforeseen circumstances necessitate a change, you will be notified at the time.

Originally Submitted
May 16, 2017

Davidson Middle School Daily Announcements


—Posted by: Dennis Kemp, Updated on:May 16, 2017

Once again I find myself in the position of sharing what I consider a potential threat to the safety of our children. "Blue Whale" is a social media challenge that "encourages young people to...complete a number of challenges over a 50-day period, such as watching a horror movie or harming themselves. An anonymous taskmaster monitors the group's members. Each task becomes increasingly harmful, until the final challenge, when they are told to take their own life."  

I am including a link to a news article, though information is easily obtained by conducting an online search. This article is from BBC news in the UK. Frankly, the news articles I found from US based sources provide links to so much inappropriate and unrelated material, I was uncomfortable sharing them.  

As always, I am available should you need assistance or additional information.    

Originally Submitted
May 12, 2017

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