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Keith Killoran
13408 Venness
Southgate, MI


Here are some questions and answers on scrip.....

How do I order scrip?

Keith Killoran
13408 Venness
Southgate, MI
Open house MONDAY ONLY from 5:30-8:00 to purchase SCRIP or collect ordered SCRIP.
SCRIP ordered on Monday will generally be available for pickup the following Monday.

Here are some questions and answers on scrip.....

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraiser that allows you to purchase certificates and "gift cards" good for a stated dollar amount.  You can then go shopping and use the scrip just like money.  A $25 amount of scrip costs you $25 

I thought that this was a "fund raiser", how does buying the same amount that the card is worth raise money?

Each company donates a percentage back to the band. Currently companies are giving back from 1.5 % up to 20%.  Each company is at a set percentage, we have those listed on chart below (and on the scrip order form that you can download).  For example you purchase $100 of Farmer Jack scrip, go shopping and can purchase $100 worth of food.  You also get $5 put into student credit (since the Farmer Jack rate is 5%).  In effect, you get a bonus, just for purchasing scrip.

But what if I don't spend $100 on food that one day, will I lose the rest of the money on the scrip that I purchased?

No, because the scrip is usually on a card that looks and works like a debit card. It's electronic  and keeps the remaining balance available for future purchases . 

Ok, so what's the catch? (there must be a catch, there always is) 

You're right, you MUST purchase the scrip in advance. In some cases, you will need to give us a few days advanced notice. And approximately 25% of the credit gained goes back to the band for administrative costs.   

It's only a few dollars here and there, is it really worth the trouble?

Lets look at an example of typical year for a family

Item $ Spent per week Student credit per week Approximate Student credit 
Food (5%) 100 3.75 195.00
Gas (4% Speedway) 10 .26 13.52
Blockbuster (7%) 5 .26 13.52
KFC (9%)  $20 four times a year   5.40
Burger King (4%) $20 four times a year   2.40
Dominos Pizza (5%) $20 four times a year   3.00
Total     $232.84